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How to make a keyboard - the matrix

Tutorial parts: 1 matrix | 2 controller (coming soon) | ...

Update (May 2016): check out the Russian translation: Как сделать клавиатуру — Матрица!

This will be the first and hopefully not the last post in the keyboard series. I'm hoping to make this a keyboard building tutorial from the ground up. Today I'll cover digital I/O and keyboard matrices. Equip yourself with some basic knowledge of electronics from school and let's get started.

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GH60 evolution

I'ts been some time since I last wrote about the GH60 project and much more than I had thought has changed since then.

The rev. A prototype was to be just a testing board to make sure everything works all right before we run the actual group-buy, but in fact the number of changes and extra features added since then was so large that the rev. B is actually a new board.

In this post I'll try to quickly present the changes, new features and design decisions that make the (hopefully) final version of this 60% programmable keyboard. Continue reading GH60 evolution

Wang 724 - teardown

Back in the times when users and vendors actually cared for their input devices, there were some great keyboards in the market, which were not only designed to last, but actually made to withstand even very harsh conditions. Good quality plastics, mechanical switches, good electrical and mechanical design practices and lasting keycaps and their legends are just some of the great advantages of vintage keyboards.

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