aAtmel DFU Bootloader ABI wrapper

This is a avr-gcc wrapper which you can use to access the stock bootloader ABI to program the flash memory in runtime on ATMega32u4, ATMega32u2 and other USB-enabled chips.

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P1140965GH60 programmable keyboard

This project is a custom portable mechanical keyboard made for and according to the ideas of the geekhack community.

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FreeCG is an open-source clone of Crazy Gravity, a classic Windows arcade game where the player controls a small spaceship to move freight boxes from places around the level to the homebase.

FreeCG is a complete rewrite of the game engine which uses the original graphic and level files.

P1140963How to make a keyboard

"How to make a keyboard" is a mechanical keyboard building course from the ground up. Only basic EE skills required.

Currently I've written the first part and the second one is on its way.

Go on reading, jump to parts: 1 matrix | 2 controller (coming soon).

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