GH60 rev. C "plain edition" is out

I've been getting many questions concerning the files for the latest revision of GH60.

It took me a while to convert the KiCad files to the new version and do some final touches, but I hope it was worth the wait!

PCB frontPCB back

All the development files are now available in the github repository komar007/gh60 (the name has changed, but your existing clones will still work with the old one). The files are licensed under CC-BY-SA (which you can see in the PCB artwork).

And here you can download all the production files in one zip package: gh60_revC_plain. Please be advised that the files come with no warranty, and I will take no responsibility for any loss which can be a result of a potential error in those files.

So what's the "plain edition" thing?

As you can see, the boards available through the geekhack group buy and from techkeys.us (USA) and falbatech.pl (Europe) contain the geekhack community logo.

This logo is not present in the Creative Commons version just released. This is because the logo was designed by a member of geekhack.org and we believe its use should be limited to approved vendors.

That's why the files for rev. C released publicly contain a different, more generic logo. The rest of the board is, however, exactly the same. In particular, it does not differ electrically from the GB PCB at all.

12 thoughts on “GH60 rev. C "plain edition" is out”

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  2. Hey komar, my man.. listen, how's that keyboard tutorial coming out tho'? i kinda need to build a cheap keyboard asap and need ur help.
    ur brother 🙂

  3. Hi komar,
    a few days ago I ordered a GH60 Rev C from Falbatech.pl and  I have question about placing the little LED's inside the switches. Im planning to do a SIP Socket Mod for easy LED Replacement but In order to do that the Pin Socket Strips need to be soldered into these litte small holes close to other ones for the Mechanical Switches.
    On Geekhack & Reddit Forum Users are saying its not possible to use the whole Keyboard with LED and I would have to get an "extension". Im not intending to put a led Strip on the backside of the PCB. I just want my keys to be illuminated.
    I hope you can help out me here since my board is going to arrive soon.
    Best Regards
    M. Dang

    1. Hi Minh,

      I am not sure about the SIP socket mod, but there is no support for illuminating LEDs on all keys in GH60, the people you talked to are right. There is an expansion connector which makes it possible to connect an external module which will enable the LEDs in keys though, but that module is not available yet.

      Best regards,

  4. Hey Komar! This is indeed a great PCB! I'm ordering a few for my store, I was wondering what the locations are for the four mounting holes XY coordinates. I'm using swillkb builder.

    Thanks, Vince

  5. Hey Komar
    I'm trying to add a numpad to the GH60. I see where I can extend the rows but how do I know which pins I can use from the expansion area for columns?

  6. Hey Komar,

    Thank you so much for the contribution to the community.

    How's the led driver module going?

    I just ordered a GH60 PCB and I have plans to make a board that with individual PWM dimming leds for each switch. However, I do have some hoops to jump through, and your input would be a tremendous help. Right now the LED driver I have is Adafruit Charlieplex 9x16 led driver.

    However, I do have some hoops to jump through, and your input would be a tremendous help! Right now, the LED driver I have is Adafruit Charlieplex 9x16 LED driver. I wish I could find an LED matirx with individual PWM dimming that has enough pings that is not Charlieplex, which would save me a lot of rewiring, but not sure how. I can deal with Charlieplex by rewiring the board,

    For those who are not familiar with Charlieplexing, it is basically a way to wire an LED matrix such that n pins can control n(n-1) LEDs individualy. I can deal with Charlieplex by rewiring the board, right now I am trying to figure out how to wire the main chip to my LED controller, and program it to write data through I2C bus.

    Then it got me thinking, maybe we could just change the PCB to Charlieplexing, and use this LED driver chip directly. And since there are 9x16 spots, we can even have dual color! On a second thought though dual colored LEDs may be harder to come by, not to say in my prefered color combination (white and orange). And squeezing two 2x3x4 LEDs into the switch slot probably requires a lot of dremeling. So in the end I am not sure if this is worth the effort to re-arrange the LED matrix. Not to mention the added complexity with Charlieplexing, which may confuse a lot of people, and limit the choice of LED drivers.

    However, maybe, just maybe, there is a third solution, that is to make Charlieplexing optional, but easily achievable by cuting a few wires, and a few dabs of solder here and there. Which would get the best of both worlds.

    I am really tempted and excited to jump in to PCB design with both feet. I reckon this would be a huge time commitment, but I think I can handle the learning curve. But before I start, I would like your input, is it even worth doing?

    Kind regards,


  7. How are you have a question consulting:
    Use gh60 rev. c version brush after good driver Not what direction and the direction left light not bright I didn't brush the driver version?

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