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Card_Front_1024x1024This project is an electronic business card for TechKeys, a company selling mechanical keyboard accessories. The card is a simple reprogrammable electronic device which acts as a computer keyboard when connected using USB. The user can solder three LEDs and three Cherry MX switches, which will take them to the TechKeys webpage, facebook page and e-mail.

It uses a simple USB-enabled chip, Atmel's ATMega16u2 and features 6 extra breakout pads for hackers to use it as a simple USB development board.

The device is finished with a glossy black soldermask and white silkscreen with the company logo and component outline. The time from idea to production was about half a year, but most of it was spent on waiting for prototypes and parts to arrive and making important decisions with the client. The actual design time of the electronics was about 8 hours.

Example firmware source code coming soon!

You can purchase the finished product here:

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  1. HI,

    I bought one of these about a week ago and  it is amazing! was wondering if any one knows when I can buy the supplies/separate elements to make more of these my self?



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